How to Request Support Ticket for Licensing Support


To open a support request, navigate to the Withum Support Portal, and then click the "New Support Ticket" button at the top of the page.

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Description automatically generated

Start by completing the Submit a ticket form.

Using your company email address, fill out the requester fields.

Select the Licensing Category

Select the appropriate Request Type for the support needed from the drop-down options

In the Description field, please use the following template to provide more details about your issue:

  • Summarize the issue you are having including what product or service are you having issues with. 


  • When did it begin and how often does it occur?


  • What errors do you see?


  • What have you tried to troubleshoot this? 

If you can, please attach and supporting data that may help.  This could be screen shots, data logs, photos etc.  

Once you feel you have provided all information, select Submit.